Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hickory Holiday

Tuesday and the regular routine arrive, too early and too plainly. The long weekend, always anticipated and never quite long enough, was filled with mini-trips and and BBQ sauce. While waiting in line at the bank this morning Violet was reading a shopping"list" ( a scrap of religious propaganda she found at the park) she recited: " chicken, BBQ sauce, milk, BBQ sauce, ribs, chicken BBQ sauce." That sounds about right. At least we have unraveled the mystery of her mostly non existent appetite... Honey smoke flavored BBQ sauce renders anything delicious enough for our toddler. Now to continue my long and winding search for the ultimate sauce recipe, something with strong black coffee, toasted spices and molasses?


Blogger mamaloo said...

If Violet is being a super picky eater, a little BBQ sauce on the side of her dinner plate to dip food in can't hurt anyone. Maybe she'll eat a tiny bit more!

6:27 AM  

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