Friday, September 08, 2006

Working? Not working.

Today, I am angry. Having recently signed on to a major retailer for some contract work, I somehow expected getting paid would be part of this " contract ". This is week 3 of employment and I've yet to see the fruits of all my hours whiled away in their gossip 20-something cosmetics department. Ordinarily an events make up artist for a popular brand of skin care based cosmetics, I get paid weekly. WEEKLY. Waiting nearly a month to line my pockets with 21 hours worth of toil in the local mall is...Ridiculous? Pathetic? Annoying? A full combination of all states. A stay-at-home-mom needs to get paid people, and by people I mean salary hoarding stingy retailers. Seriously, I find it impossible that I just somehow slipped through the Human Resources crack that leads directly to non-payment. Truthfully, I was warned. I believe no less than 4 wide eyed (and well lined) emphatic employees urged me to make sure and make sure again that everything was in alignment for my bank account to swell with the goodness that is hours converted to wages. This mysterious missing pay thing was a known possibility, how silly and greedy of me to expect my paycheck on time!

Now I have to plan a course of action to recover the lost, missing, overlooked whatever funds. I am hoping that this store will willfully and even cheerfully write a check from the in store account to restore my faith in the popular idea that going to work = monetary compensation. I am also hoping I don't act like a crazed and impoverished lunatic when I call and blast the unfortunate recipient of my call with all the warnings I'd received about their deadbeat reputation. Okay: Lotus blossoms and bunny rabbits. Lotus blossoms and bunny rabbits. Lotus blossoms and bunny rabbits....


Blogger mamaloo said...

A lot of companies will pay it's wage earners on a delayed 2 week schedule, meaning: they pay in two week cycles and if you arrived late to qualify for the cycle being paid out next, you'll have an extra week or two until your wages are earned for the following cycle.

It truly sucks, but I don't know that complaints and pleading and freaking out will work. I do, however, urge you to double check with your payroll department that this is the case and not just that some dork entered the wrong code or something.

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