Monday, December 18, 2006


A tired and visibly frazzled shopper sank into one of my consultation chairs at work. After explaining her intentions for the evening; purchasing some cozy holiday pajamas she would wear while later enjoying a cocktail ("anything will do") when she finally returned home from her shopping odyssy. Suddenly it occurred to her that she was unsure of where the highway, the QEW, was in relation to her current location and she asked, "Hey, how do I get on the Queenie?" No matter how exhausted, even during the frenzy of holiday shopping season Canadians still have the ability to summon a little cute.


Blogger mamaloo said...

That's so funny that you thought that was a cute-ism!

I'm sure you know that the QEW is called the "Queen Elizabeth Way" built for a visit by Queen Elizabeth where she would be driving from Niagara Falls to Toronto (in the 60's?). Instead of making her drive along little old country highways and back roads, they built her a brand new, 8 lane highway direct from one stop to the other.

It is known by various short form nicknames including The Cue-ee and The Queen-ee.

Its not even so much a Canadianism as it is specific to this area of Ontario. As a native, words like Queen-ee have been part of my lexicon since birth!

Haha! I was waiting for you to admit you thought she was asking for a store or something!

Happy Christmas!

7:24 AM  
Blogger MommyKnows said...

In Alberta we have the cue-ee-tew, I guess I could just say QE2 - again Queen visits we repave and widen highway (#2) and rename so she can drive from the Airport on cue-ee-tew (it's more of a of a cute-ism when you spell it like this).

5:46 PM  

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