Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Third Year's A Charm

Three years ago today I married a Canadian. The Husband: Canada's greatest natural resource. But who knew all the stereotyping was so true? There is always a hockey game on in the house, beers in the fridge with empties in the recycling, flannels in the closet and endless back bacon ('Canadian bacon') cravings. Truly, my husband never says "eh?." Thankfully 99% of the other Canadians I am in contact with daily say "eh" frequently enough for me to be satisfied that I get the full Canadiana experience. These are the same ones who usually gush "Don't you JUST love it here!!!" when finding out my 'accent' is American. I digress...
Three years ago we exchanged vows and a ridiculous Indian prayer we had no idea we could opt to delete from our ceremony. Happy anniversary Kimosabe, you are my favorite.


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