Monday, December 18, 2006


A tired and visibly frazzled shopper sank into one of my consultation chairs at work. After explaining her intentions for the evening; purchasing some cozy holiday pajamas she would wear while later enjoying a cocktail ("anything will do") when she finally returned home from her shopping odyssy. Suddenly it occurred to her that she was unsure of where the highway, the QEW, was in relation to her current location and she asked, "Hey, how do I get on the Queenie?" No matter how exhausted, even during the frenzy of holiday shopping season Canadians still have the ability to summon a little cute.

Friday, December 15, 2006

When baby still meant baby

Two and a half years years goes by and now, I am parent to a kid. I really love all the pictures we took this day. It was fairly miserable though, we had a bumpy crowded tram ride out to the woods where we ran/walked/ran all the way out to long point in attempt to avoid the hungry swarms of biting black fly season. Once we reached the water they all disappeared, and we enjoyed the water's calming sparkle and rhythm.